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  Welcome to DOCs English Bulldogs, home of DOCs World Famous English Bulldogs.  We take great pride in Our English Bulldogs, and love them each .  DOC has cut back his breeding program, an is now helping other Bulldog Breeder's and English Bulldog Owner's care for and raise their Bullies.

   I love Bullies, but once I started loseing my older Bullies, it was too much to deal with.  I could have maintained if I only had one or two, but we never let any of our Stud's or Dams go, after we were thru breeding them.  By that time I was attached, and they were family.  We are proud of our Line, and the life span of DOC English Bulldogs puppies averaged 14 years. Not many Bulldog Breeders can claim that.

   We help many families find their perfect new family member, and alway's strived to provide the Best. I would go to great lenghts just to ensure that our Bullies were healthy and happy.  I miss all of our Bulies, and not a day goes by in which I do not think of them.  At this very moment, I am sitting in the corner of our Bulldog Kennel yard, under a beautiful tree, just beside our Bulldog cemetery.  Where Rocky, Rudy, Lizzy, Angel, Annabelle, and DOC AIN't Skeered rest.  I know GOD is happy to have them next to his side, now.

  Don't think this is easy, for it is hard to think about, and to write about. But, I want all our owner's to know that we are thankful of them and that they are Family to us.  After DOC Aint Skeered passed, I thru my towel in.  Now, I am dedicating my site t help other English Bulldog Breeders and Bulldog Family Owners with their Bullies. If you are a Breeder then you can sign up to be one of DOCS English Bulldogs certified English Bulldog Breeder's. 

    If you are a DOCS Bulldogs certified Bulldog Breeder, then that means DOC has visited your Kennel, and is available 24 hours a day to help you with your Bulldogs and Bulldog Puppies. This is a great chance or new Breeder to learn from all the information I have gained over the years, raising English Bulldogs.

   Thank yo to all our past owner, and to all our new certified Breeders. And, thank you or visiting DOCS ENGLISH BULLDOGS.  Please BOOKMARK this page, for I am in the middle of updating, and for all of you who know me, and have visited our Site in the Past, you know that not only do I know English Bulldogs, but I know how to maintain a Website network,, and how to Develop a Website.

     Which is another great addition to being a Certified DOCS Bulldog member, I will Design, and maintain your Bulldog Website for you.  This will allow you to spend more time with your Bullies, and help you get your Bulldog Stud , Bulldog Dam, and Bulldog Puppy seen online. 

   No Certified Member will need to pay for Advertisement in Papers, or any place.  I have a large database of individual's whom are looking for Puppies, and whom are looking for an English Bulldog Stud.  I will help you find your Dam a Stud, or I will help you find your Stud a Dam....  DOC's English Bulldogs new site is going to be your one-stop-SHOP for all English Bulldog's.

    Again, thanks for visiting, and for all of our past owners, Love you guy's and Thank you for taking such good care of our baby Bullies!  I just couldn't taking losing any more Bullies, and the only way I know I can't lose one, is if I don't have one.   Please don't hesitate to contact me anytime. If I don't answer, leave a message, or send me a text.  I am in my office, which is sitting here, were I am currently at.   I am easy to find. Just type DOCS ENGLISH BULLDOGS in Google Maps, and we are number one.  May each of you have a blessed and great day.  ---  DOC


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